About the author...

Andrea Welch is a 40 something mother of 6.  Yep 6! Her children range from 19 years of age to 21 months old, both biological and step.  She is living the life of a typical blended family mother in the crazy city of Los Angeles, USA. Why blog?  Funny, with an academic background slated for writing, she never saw or thought of herself as a writer.  In fact, most days she forgot she even had a degree.  It wasn't until she joined her local MOMS Club chapter in LA that she realized she might be on to something. 

As a board member, she was invited to write articles for the monthly newsletter.  She would get a title in her head that sometimes swirled into a entire article in moments.  Soon she was writing regularly, with fellow moms looking forward to her next submission.  She even started to really enjoy her own work, rereading and reliving family stories, finding herself laughing and wondering if other moms outside of her inner circle might find them enjoyable too.  Her ideas were only passing thoughts, that is, until a lay off from her job and a serious reduction of her husband's salary caused her to think outside of the box. 

Feeling like she had nothing to lose, she dove in, borrowed some money from her mother to pay for the hosting, created her own website with her devoted geeky husband, and started uploading her articles.  The rest? Well, it is still left to be seen.