Our Home Away From Home


The car for a mother is just another place to do motherhood. Our vehicles are internally decorated with “quick fixes” and “need meters.”  A few Band-Aids, some wet wipes and stashed toys, you name it, it’s in there. Aaron calls out while rummaging through his room, “Mom where is my Yellow Dump Truck?”  I call back, “It’s in the car!”  Getting ready for church my husband says, “I can’t find Arielle’s pink sweater?”  “In the car,” is my reply.  Although we drive cars, trucks and minivans we might as well call them mobile homes because it is where we live so much of the time.

A mom’s car is a place for what I like to call “Rollovers”.  You know, those things that you don’t remove from the car just in case you’ll need it for the next time you make the same trip to that same place.  It might be a good week or so before you know you will have that exact same need, but it doesn’t matter, we leave it in the “car.”  For our family we keep a bag of sand toys for beach or park day, and a soccer ball.  And if you can count the old gold fish stuck in the car seats, well then we have snacks too!

From crayons to potties, from books to an extra jacket; it’s in there.  And what is funnier is the fact that we know where it all is in the chaos.  Everything can be found somewhere between the center console and glove compartment to behind the seat and even rolling around on the floor.  The car might be packed with stuff, but a mom, well she knows exactly where to reach.   So next time your family is hunting for the Thingy and no one can find it, send one of them out to check the car, because most likely, that’s where they’ll find it, along with way more then they bargained for.