The Bionic Woman


Mothers. We might not be touted as the best drivers in the world but we are definitely the most diverse. When the need arises, moms can accomplish some of the most complex tasks. And for many mothers that need arises when their child starts crying.  I used to listen to a radio program spot called “Mad Moms in a Minivan.”  While I have no desire to be included with those that are desperately driving through the city throwing caution to the wind, I do have to laugh at the things I have been able to successfully accomplish while driving a car.  Yep, get ready for a recap of the things you have seen done and quite possibly done yourself while in the driver’s seat.

How long is your arm from shoulder to fingertip?  An exact number might not come to mind but I bet you know if it is long enough to reach around to the floor of your back seat.  Are you flexible?  You might not be top in your Yoga class, but I bet you can reach across the center console into to the passenger side and nab that rolling toy off of the floor.  Oh, and how good is your hand eye coordination?  Even if you’ve never played baseball, when that toy comes flying your way from behind, I bet you can keep it from hitting the windshield.  BUT… can you do all this while driving?  I bet you can… and I bet you already have! 

The other day my daughter was fussing in her car seat.  Not so unusual for a 15 month old child right?  Her seat is located directly behind the driver’s and is still in its rear facing position.  The thought of pulling over crossed my mind but not seriously.  Instead what I wondered was “Is my arm long enough to get this cracker stretched around my seat, over her canopy and into her mouth successfully without taking my eyes off of the road?”  So, while driving to our destination I place this cracker in between my index and middle finger, reach back, tap the side of her car seat with the same hand and wait to see if she notices.  When I felt her little mouth take it from me, I am not sure which of us was more excited about the whole thing, her or me!!! 

So what about you?  Have your prepared a bottle, measuring scoop, powder, water and all?  Wiped a child’s peanut butter and jelly face?  Found that missing toy in your purse?  Opened a package of crackers, separated the plastic on a cheese stick or put together a juice box?  Too easy?  Okay, how about collected and recovered whatever it was that they dropped on the floor behind you, sight unseen, broken up a “fight” between two children sitting right next to each other or even read a book to calm them down – at the red lights only of course! What is inconceivable for the average is the next challenge for a mother.  She will bend and stretch both her mind and her body to find a way.  She will push herself further and try to see if it is possible. Oh, the things mothers can do.  Chances are if you have not mastered all these challenges while driving, it is only a matter of time, and if you have well I am sure before long you will find something new.