Messing With Time

For as long as I can remember, our son Aaron has always been a 7am riser.  He has pretty much stuck to that time through the many seasons of his young life.  As a younger boy, if he would stay up late an hour or so, we could count on him taking an extra hour in the morning to make up for it.  It was his way… it had also become our way.  We did not realize just how much, until things started to change.


Without much of a warning, Aaron now five, was starting to get up earlier and earlier.  It no longer seemed to matter how late we put him to sleep. He just kept shaving off 15 minutes here and 10 more minutes there.  Each morning when the events would repeat, we kept thinking this will pass. It is not our new normal. We just have to figure out what is causing the change and fix it.  But the days went on.  Now, without knowing how long this new pattern would last, all we could do was ache for how it used to be.  Was it because this was all we had known that made it so hard to let go? Was it because it looked as if our day would soon start before dawn?  I can tell you this, true is the statement that you cannot miss what you never had.  But truer is the statement that to have it and lose is much worse!  Especially when it comes to sleep!! Not interested in starting my day in the 5am hour, I began to consider my options.  Unbeknownst to me, my husband was thinking through a remedy or two of his own.  Now, we try our best to promote honesty in our home.  We instruct the children to confess if they have broken a sibling’s toy or even come clean if they “started it”.  So to do what we were considering almost seemed to unravel all that we’ve instructed and nurtured into them over the years.  Yet still, driven by something unspoken deep within, we both came up with same idea.  Change his clock!! 

Although our son is pretty smart, we knew that he thought that digital clock in his room was law.  And for all intents and purposes it was!  He was not to come into our room until it read 7:00am.  He could crack open the curtains and read a story, even quietly play with one of his cars or action figures. But under no circumstances was he to wake us before that clock said 7-0-0!   We think that in times past, he felt like close enough was good enough and we were now armed and prepared to show him that indeed it was not!  Poor child.  I must admit there was a twinge of guilt that raced through my heart when I realized that I knew something he did not.  But that faded away almost as fast as I fell into a deep REM state.  I realized that if anything, this idea was more genius than anything else and wondered why we hadn’t thought of it sooner.  I am sure there will come a day when we tell him the truth about what went down in the Spring of 2012.  But I can tell you this… that day is NOT today.  Lol  Zzzzzzz…..