The Right Angle

I am not sure why, but after becoming a mother you find yourself noticing things you normally wouldn’t.  Maybe it is because you have learned to pay closer attention to your surroundings for the well-being and safety of your children.   It could also be that skill naturally transfers to a variety of other things, no matter now strange or pointless they may be.

We’ve all heard of a right angle; we took Geometry in school.  It is the angle that is formed by the intersection of two perpendicular lines, right?  Well…most of the time.  Ever try to spoon feed a baby?  If so, then you know that you have to direct the spoon at just the right angle in order to keep your baby from swatting it out of your hand.  Or maybe you are like me, an extremely gifted sofa snuggler.  I can get my infant tucked in-between myself and the sofa at just the right angle so we can both fall asleep for hours. But in all honesty, I’m not referring to any one of those right angles, but rather more of a combination of all of the above. 

You see there are certain things I have noticed after nursing my third child that just weren’t there with my first, very specific things, things of a delicate nature.  Young and new to feeding my “nurturers” were firm and upright in nature.  I always wore the nursing tops simply because they were a necessity.  As much as I tried to use other things, using the latch release tops provided the only access for my children to nurse.  This also meant absolutely no dresses of any kind would work unless they were specifically made for nursing mothers.  The third time around I have found things to be quite different.  It took me a moment to realize but I no longer require a nursing top and I have worn my fair share of dresses too.  How is this possible?  What has changed?  Well after nursing for 3 years there has been a measure of “relaxing” that has taken place and due to this “relaxing” my “nurturers” are capable of right angles.  They are pulled, lifted and put into place, they can turn corners, and can be manipulated into all kinds of never before utilized positions.  Heck I can even sleep on my back and nurse my young one who is on my side.  Oh dear, that was probably too much information.  LOL!  But seriously, should I applaud or cry?  Should I be grateful I am no longer bound to the same 6 tops and 2 nursing dresses for the better part of a year?   Free now to wear what I please and still work an excellent feeding?  Hmmm… what choice do I have?  It ain’t like they are ever going back!!  So yep I think I am going to celebrate the good stuff.   Here’s to coming up and out of a dress.  Here’s to pulling a turtle neck down and to the side.  Here’s to all the new things I will discover with this ever-changing body and here’s to enjoying it along the way. 

Here’s to the new Right Angle!