If you are anything like me, you find yourself cleaning and putting things away more times during a single day then you ever wanted to.  Our home is filled with seven people.  Seven! That is seven times the clothes, shoes, books, and personal items.  And oh yes, seven times the crazy!  Every singular item, say like a ruler or a pair of scissors, can travel from room to room before it lands who knows where until the next person starts hunting for it.  This I can handle because even though it gets lost often at least there is only one of them that everyone shares.  I am a little more concerned about all the new belongings coming into the house.  It is one task to try and keep things in their place, but it is a whole other one to try and clean up new things that don’t even have a place yet.  It is this thought that made me realize I needed to start being a better keeping of the Threshold. 

Now, I am not a party pooper or an event ogre.  I understand and appreciate the value of the occasional birthday party and special occasion.  But I would be lying if I did not also mention that it would be easy to start looking at party favor packets, basketball trophies and even birthday party gifts as “space holders”.  “Now where is that going to go??”  I think to myself.  “There’s no room left on my bookshelf!!” I blurt out… realizing a little too late that we are still actually at the birthday party and no one understands my outburst.  I look at all of the trinkets under the bed and in this drawer and that drawer and can’t help but feel it crowding me out of my own home.  I sit and dream of how I can move countless “treasures” to the garage and then migrate the old ones to Good Will while no one is looking.  Ha!  Slick?  Maybe.  But my sanity depends on it!  When we moved into our home we had to get more furniture just to fill all of the rooms.  Now even though that was 2 children ago, it still begs for an answer as to why every room is overflowing with stuff.  Stuff that requires cleaning, space and putting away daily… times seven.  Ugh!

Before I put in an application to the TV show Hoarders I would like to see if I can remedy my own situation.  With that I propose that it is time to see the doorway as a real Threshold not one in name only.  Outside: the world with all if its stuff and enticements just waiting for you to scoop them up and take them back to your place.  Inside: the environment created for living and enjoying everyday.  Whether or not we realize it our homes are totally affected by whatever crosses that Threshold.  Peace cannot reside in chaos and if peace is what you are looking for then a better grip on what crosses over is a must!  I came up with these few rules that I am hoping will do the trick.

1.)   All items must have a “home” or “landing” spot.

2.)   All items must be returned to their “home” when not in use by the user

3.)   If no reasonable home can be found/created for the new item then it either cannot cross over or an old one must leave to make room for it.

I think these rules are pretty comprehensive if I say so myself and should be just what we need in order to make our home a more pleasantly organize dwelling place for all.  I would recommend printing it out and placing it on the wall as reminder for the whole family.  A task I will get right on just as soon as I clean the enormous pile of junk mail off of my printer.  He, he...