A Child's Perspective

(Arielle 3)

Dad: After diner we have a special treat!

Arielle: Oh daddy, what kind of treat?

Dad: Pound cake!  Yum! (sits it down in front of her)

Arielle: (looking at the cake then looking at dad says...) Where's the icing?

Dad: It has no icing.

Arielle: (with her head resting on her hands) Pound cake is boring.

Winning The Game

(Aaron age 5)

Aaron: You had the most matches Mom so you win!

Andrea: Actually, the winner is the person who had the most fun. Did you have fun?

Aaron: Yes!

Andrea: Then you win! :-)

...you should've seen the ear-to-ear grin on his face! Gotta love that! lol

Unexpected Treasures

(From Dad, Arielle 2)

While sitting on the couch at home sick earlier this week, Arielle walks over to me and out of the blue says, "Dad, I think I need hug now." To which, my heart now being a puddle on the floor, I reply, "Yeah, me too." And she gives me the biggest squeeze her tiny frame can muster. I live for those moments.

Passing The Buck

(Aaron 4)

Dad getting ready for work.  Aaron humming a tune all morning approaches him.

Aaron: Dad, what does Yankee Doodle mean by 'with the girls be handy'?

Dad: Um, I'm running late. Ask your mother.

What's In A Song?

(Aaron 5, Arielle 3)

The set up: Aaron & Arielle are in towels entering the bedroom from a bubble bath and my husband is helping them get ready for bed. I am in the office across the hall. Everyone is dutifully going on with the evening routine when all of a sudden, Aaron breaks into a song that goes a little something like this:

"Stop calling, stop calling, I don't want to talk anymore. I left my head in a jar on the dance floor."

Both my husband and I burst into laughter from different rooms.

Me: Did he just say what I think he said?

Hubby: Yeah, he did!

So funny... my side hurt!

Old Schooler

(Aaron 5)

Aaron studies is Dad's t-shirt.  Perplexed by the symbol there he asks...

Aaron: What's that?

Dad: It's a floppy disk.

Aaron: Hahahah... that's funny! No, really. What is it?

Dad: Seriously. It's called a floppy disk.

Shoes To Fill

(Arielle 2)

Arielle: I wish I had your big feet, Dad.

Dad: My big feet? Why would you want big feet? o_O

Arielle: Because I want to have big shoes.

Dad: Um.. okay, so why do you want big shoes?

Arielle: Because then I would be a grown up.

Dad: Oh, of course. lol :-)

Telling Time

(Aaron 4 1/2)

Because we celebrated Micah's birthday yesterday, we wound up putting the younger kids to bed late last night. To get the most rest possible, we instructed Aaron not to come out of his bedroom "until the clock says eight, three, zero" (he has a digital clock in his room).

Of course, Aaron being impatient as the day is long, and convinced such a number combination could NEVER occur, instead woke us up at seven, one, three... seven, five, eight... and eight, zero, seven (and yes, he announced the numbers just like that every time he entered our room). :-/

As upset and we wanted to be really... we just laid in the bed giggling and giggling.

Oh, the joys of parenting... lol