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This has been the most refreshing, heartfelt, warm, touching, hysterical site I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you for sharing it with me and others.
— Fli King
My mom rocks and she is very, very, very awesome!
— Aaron, Age 7
I love having special time with my mom and I really love her. I love playing board games like SORRY! with her.
— Arielle, Age 6
Hello, Andrea! I am really enjoying your site. I also got a good laugh over in the “Conversation Spotlight”. Soooo delightful to read! Keep them coming! So much good information!
— Lisa
Hi Dre! Congratulations!!! I’m not surprised by your creativity here!!! Awesome!! and what a Blessing to moms and expecting moms across the world....I saw big things happening for you and your hubby way back when you shared a video about your pregnancy journey!! I pray much success beyond your expectations!
— Teresa Gilliard
She’s beautiful and she sings well!
— Avery, Age 3
You are as much an extraordinary writer as you are a wife and mother! So happy to be sharing this with you!
— Maurice Welch, Sr.
— August, 21 months
Andrea, I love your website and blogs and the content. Thank you for sharing your gifts - you mostly and all of your wisdom. I look forward to more. Keep on keeping on and making babies; well at least keep on with the baby stories! hahaha Cheers and blessings!
— Constance, Venice, CA